March Wedding Planning Challenge

Happy March!  It’s the first day of the month which means it’s time for our March Wedding Planning Challenge!  Excited? So are we.  In our January Wedding Planning Challenge we tackled your feeling of being overwhelmed and in our February Wedding Planning Challenge we got you organized, so for March, we wanted to do something a little different and help you with your wedding design.  We’ll be interspersing design challenges with planning challenges all year as both parts are equally important to creating a wedding you love.

March Wedding Planning Challenge

March Wedding Planning Challenge by Destination Wedding Planner Mango Muse Events

For our March Wedding Planning Challenge, we want to help you with color.  Picking colors can seem very easy to some and to others, a bit more tricky.  For many, picking your wedding colors (whether it is easy or hard for you) tends to veer very closely to either what is trendy or what you are seeing all over Pinterest.  When you see something all the time and all around you, it’s hard to ignore and it does make its way into your subconscious whether you like it or not.  Because of this, I find that very few couples actually think about their colors in a real significant way.  Many just pick colors to pick colors, which definitely works, but isn’t meaningful.  And don’t you want to create a wedding with meaning and feeling?  So, in our March Wedding Planning Challenge, this month we’ll help you to discover the colors that mean something to you so that you’ll know exactly which colors you should use for your wedding.  Using the MME Method, here’s how you can find and create your wedding colors with meaning.

Step 1: The first place to start is to ask yourself, what is your favorite color?  It sounds childish, but it really isn’t.  Your favorite color is your favorite color for a reason, it makes you happy.  For whatever reason you like the look of it and that look is one that brings you joy.  So, don’t cast that aside!  Remember what that color is.  And don’t forget that there are two of you, so you’ll want to think about your favorite color for each of you.  For those color happy people, it’s also totally ok if you have multiple favorite colors, just make sure you really love them equally before you move to Step 2.

Step 2:  Now take a look at what you surround yourself with.  Look at your home, at your wardrobe, at the physical items you own from your phone case to your rug to your car to the newest pair of shoes you just bought.  Look at all of these things and really see the colors you chose to surround yourself with.  Are they neutrals – grays and beiges?  Are they clean colors – blacks and whites?  Are there lots of green?  Or purple?  Or blue?  Is there a certain shade that seems to keep popping up?  You choose these colors because they make you feel something, whether that is joy or excitement or love or empowerment or warmth or coolness.  No matter what that feeling is, it’s one you like because you chose to surround yourself with it.  It’s what you naturally gravitate towards, which means it’s something you care about. Once again, you’ll want to make sure you are doing this exercise for the both of you (especially if you don’t live together).

Step 3: Take your favorite colors and the standout colors you surround yourself with and put them together.  This can be anywhere from 3 to 7 colors. The combo might be perfect or might seem odd just depending on what you end up with, but you can make them work with the right shades.  To find the right shades, start by thinking about what kinds of shades you tend to like and start with the color choices you like most.  For example, if green is one of your colors, do you tend to like brighter greens like grass?  Or softer greens like mint?  Or rich greens like emerald?  With each shade choice, make sure it works with the other color choices you’ve made so far before moving on.   If you happen to like all shades of a color, keep that one to the side for the moment and narrow your focus on the other colors first.  Then you can bring that last color back in at the end and choose a complimentary color that goes with all of your other colors.

Step 4:   Once you’ve worked through all your colors, take a look at your color palette and see how you feel.  Does it make you happy?  Do you feel at home?  Does this feel like you?  The answer should be yes.  And more importantly, it should be a yes for both of you.  This should feel like a combination of your likes, but a combination that makes you happy.  If something feels off, try tweaking the shade of a color or removing a color completely from the palette until it feels just right.

Step 5: Share your successes in a comment below or on social media using #weddingplanningchallenge!  We want to hear how you’ve created your color story and what you gained out of the MME Method.  And if you are still struggling with finding the right colors, let us know what problem you are facing and we’ll do all we can to help.

So, now it’s time for you to create your meaningful color palette!  Take our March Wedding Planning Challenge and design a wedding that you love with colors that bring you joy.  When you follow the MME method, you’ll end up surrounding yourself with these colors on your wedding day which will make you feel happy and comfortable.  And down the road when you look at your photos, you’re going to still love the colors you chose and the feeling they bring to you because they mean something to you.  Happy coloring!

If you want even more help designing your wedding and finding the right colors for you, contact us today.  We’ll help create your one of a kind wedding and a feeling of joy.

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