6 Fun and Interactive Engagement Party Ideas

Congratulations, you’re engaged!  Before things get really busy in your life, now is the perfect time to have your engagement party.  This is your chance to celebrate your engagement before the wedding planning madness really begins, but most importantly it gives your two families a chance to meet each other and get to know each other.  Perhaps more than any other party you’ll ever throw, this one is extremely important to get people talking, mingling and interacting.  You want them to discover more about each other and hopefully in discovery, also like each other.  To help create that fun and interactive environment, here are 6 engagement party ideas to help get your families talking and interacting.

Engagement Party Ideas by Destination Wedding Planner, Mango Muse Events

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1. Provide name tags.  If you are having a large party with lots of extended family, then name tags can be really helpful.  But instead of just the hello my name is types of tags, why not make it a little more fun?  Create a cute DIY name tag pin with a fun fact beneath their name so that others can immediately learn something about them.  It will get people talking and sharing.  This also works for smaller groups as well, but is particularly helpful for a large group.

2. Play an icebreaker game!  Start off the party with an icebreaker.  You can use the good ole name that person game, where the wearer has to figure out the character/person that is taped to their back.  Or do a bingo-type game where people have to find someone who fits the criteria to make bingo (or blackout).  These are tried and true games that get people talking and you can tailor the game to fit with the mood and make it famous couples or items that are true for either you or your fiancé.

3. Get the conversation started.  Group people who have similar interests or similar personalities on the same table.  Or if your party is more casual than that, make it a point to introduce certain people to each other who you think would get along.  And don’t forget it’s your job to mingle as well!

4. Make your food interactive.  If you aren’t set on having a plated sit-down meal, consider doing stations or a family style meal where the food requires some effort and interaction on the guests part.  For stations, you could have make your own sushi, or tacos, salad, sandwiches, etc… (use your imagination).  This way people are spending some time at each station, having a bit of fun and giving them the opportunity to chat while putting together their food.  You could even go one step further and make your engagement party a cooking class/party where they get to learn too.  Or if you opt for a family style meal, then people will be passing the food to each other and sharing as one family which is nicely symbolic for what is to come.

5. Share stories.  This is an engagement party so why not learn about how all of the married couples met or how they got engaged or their favorite moment of their wedding.  Have people go around and share their story after dinner or find out the stories ahead of time and then play a guessing game with the whole group.

6. Create a team.  I’m a big fan of games in general, but even more so when you are trying to get people to meet and talk.  Many people are introverts especially in a large group, so when you put people together in a team, they’ll naturally and easily talk and work together.  It’s like magic!  It builds camaraderie, it’s fun and gives people a chance to talk in a smaller group.

Have I got your brain working?  I hope so!  Use these engagement party ideas as a starting point and tweak them to work for your party and what you and your families would enjoy.  As long as your guests are having fun, meeting people and interacting, you’ve done a great job.

If you love these engagement party ideas, but just aren’t quite sure how to execute them, contact us.  We’ll help you put together your fun and interactive engagement party.

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