A Quick and Easy Wedding Planning Tip to Get Organized

Quick and Easy Wedding Planning Tip from Jamie Chang Destination Wedding Planner of Mango Muse Events

Today we’re switching things up and sharing a quick and easy wedding planning tip instead of our Wedding Wednesdays Q&A.  But, don’t be sad, our Q&A isn’t going anywhere, we just wanted to make sure you’re getting some actionable and easy wedding planning tips that can help you right now.

Since our February wedding planning challenge was all about organization, we thought we’d share a quick and easy wedding planning tip to help support you in getting and staying organized.

What’s the one area that you think your wedding planning will affect the most?  It’s not your relationships (although those will come into play).  It’s not making decisions (although you will need to make many).  It’s not your bank account (although that will get a work out).  Are you ready?  It’s your email.

I know it’s not what you thought, but I kid you not, your email is going to blow up once you start wedding planning.  So, our quick and easy wedding planning tip is to create a special email address just for your wedding so that all your wedding communication goes there. Trust me, you will be getting a lot of emails about your wedding from your wedding planner, from vendors, from your wedding party and from your family.  If you have a special address then you don’t have to worry about sifting through all your other emails or losing something.  It’s an easy and simple way to keep all your email organized and clutter free.

Now if you are one of those people who is making a face right now because having another email to check is daunting, then an easy alternative is to create some special wedding folders in your current email instead so you can easily filter, categorize and refer to them later.  It’s quick, easy and will help keep you organized.

Want even more help staying organized and on top of things?  Contact us today.

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