February Wedding Planning Challenge

So long January and hello February!  It’s the first of the month which means it’s time for our February wedding planning challenge!  If you are new to our challenges, our goal with these monthly wedding planning challenges is to get you take action.  We understand the many issues you struggle with when it comes to wedding planning and the range of emotions you feel because of it.  We want you to be happy planning your wedding at every step of the way and this wedding planning challenge is a chance for us to focus on one of those problems every month and solve it.  We’ll discuss the problem you are facing and the steps to find your way out of it.  Then we’ll pass the challenge on to you to work on and put your solution into action!

While the challenge is only for the month, the solution you learn will help you as you continue to plan your wedding.  And as an added perk, if you find yourself in a similar situation again, you’ll know how to get out of it and how to potentially even prevent it in the future which will not only make wedding planning happier but your life as well.

In January’s wedding planning challenge, we tackled a biggie, probably the biggest challenge you face, feeling overwhelmed.  It plagues us all not only when it comes to your wedding planning, but your life as well.  Through the MME Method, we took you step by step through how to take action and kick your overwhelm to the curb.  If you missed January’s challenge, don’t worry, you can always catch up here.  But, today we’re going to talk about February’s wedding planning challenge.

February Wedding Planning Challenge

Mango Muse Events Wedding Planning Challenge: How to get your wedding planning organized

A problem many couples struggle with is how to stay organized.  There is so much information, things to think about and things to do for your wedding that it’s hard to keep track of it all.  You can very easily start planning your wedding and then suddenly feel very lost and confused on what you need to do.  It’s like you’re stuck in the middle of a maze and you can’t get out.

Being organized is a good skill to have in life, but it’s very important when it comes to planning your wedding.  Imagine taking on a big project at work.  If you aren’t organized things get lost in the cracks and there can be consequences.  Weddings are very similar. Staying organized will not only help you stay sane but is also a key to reducing overwhelm and stress.  When it doesn’t feel like a gigantic pile, but instead a manageable list, that is much easier to approach and tackle.

Here is our solution to staying organized: Develop a system of writing things down.  This sounds like a no-brainer, but there really is a process to staying organized and it all comes down to writing it down.  Trust me, I’m a pro at staying organized because I have to be.  We have to be organized within the company, but also organized for our clients. Part of our job is making sure they don’t have to think about or remember everything because that is what we are here for.  So, staying organized is vital for my business.  And in my experience, you need to create a system of writing things down for yourself so don’t forget things and can free up brain space.  The way I write things down isn’t necessarily going to work for you and vice versa, but if you create a system your way, it will stick.

Step 1: Figure out what device/method you currently use the most.  Start by taking a look at your tools.  Are you a phone person?  Is everything on your phone?  Are you a desktop or laptop person?  Are you a tablet person?  Are you an old school pen and paper person?

Then start looking at what you do and how you do it.  What method of writing things down do you use the most?  What is the most natural and the easiest for you?  When you have a project to do (work or personal), how do you make sure you don’t forget anything?  You can also think of this in terms of everyday actions like grocery shopping or taking notes in a meeting.  Do you just grab the nearest piece of paper to write something down?  Do you use a notebook?  Do you have a digital document you add to?  Do you use a calendar?

Step 2:  Now that you’ve figured out the tool you use the most and how you usually use it, it’s time to come up with your system.  What you want is for this system to work for you when it’s a spur of the moment note, but also for when you need to plan ahead.   You should be able to write things down and add it to your system so it’s all in one place.  This makes it easy to reference and easy to actually use.  So, let’s discuss an example to help you visualize this.

Let’s say you are an iphone person and you tend to use the notes function on your phone.  You use it to remember random things like a restaurant recommendation or you use it when you need to create a list.  So, you’ll create a new folder just for your wedding and going forward, you’ll only use this folder for any of your wedding related notes.  You’ll create new notes when you need them or add to existing notes when you remember something.  You’ll start a to-do list in notes or use the corresponding reminders app.  If you start to get overwhelmed with the number of notes, you’ll create a new wedding folder just for your vendors or just for your wedding party to separate it out and keep it organized.

That is just one example, now you need to come up with your system and how you’ll use it.

Step 3:  Start actually using your system and make sure it works.  Create a to-do list.  Plan out the things you know you need to do or ask people about or research.  Your system might work great, but some of you may find your system doesn’t work.  Maybe the notes function is too clunky or since you’re using your email a lot you find yourself using google docs instead.

If your system isn’t working, adjust it, but, you want to figure this out early and make sure you pick a system that is all in one place.  What you don’t want is some of it written down on paper, some of it in a folder on your computer and some of it on your phone.  You want everything together in the same place that you can easily access as this keeps you organized and on top of things so nothing gets lost (including you).  One thing to note with this is that you’ll naturally have to communicate through email no matter what (that will be another tool you use), but you can still keep your notes in the one place that makes the most sense for you.

Step 4:  Share your successes in a comment below or on social media using #weddingplanningchallenge!  We want to hear what you’ve done to get organized and what you gained out of the MME Method.  And if you are still struggling with staying organized, let us know what problem you are facing and we’ll do all we can to help.

Staying organized can be hard, but if you figure out the system that works for you, it will get easier for you to keep at it until it will become like second nature.  So this month I challenge you to make your wedding planning more joyful and find your system to staying organized.  Figure out what works for you and it will make wedding planning so much easier.

If you want even more personal help with your wedding planning and keeping organized, contact us today.


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