2016 Wedding Trends

Since it’s the start of a new year and with it a whole new year of weddings, it’s time to talk about 2016 wedding trends.  Now, if you’ve been following our blog for any amount of time you know we don’t love wedding trends mainly because we think wedding design is about creating a wedding reflective of you, not what is trendy at the time.  You are classic and will last forever, that wedding trend of the moment will not.  However, there are trends which can be used in different ways for different couples just depending on what makes sense for them.  These trends aren’t necessarily fads (like tie die and scrunchies), but a current swing of attention.  And today we’re going to talk about some of these trends by casting away the old and getting excited about the new!  Today we’re sharing 5 wedding trends we’ve seen enough of and are happily saying goodbye to and 6 wedding ideas to get excited about.

Bye bye bye – 5 wedding trends to say goodbye to (along with 2015)

1.  Chalkboard signs – while the chalkboard itself will always be a classroom classic, it’s life as a wedding sign is over.

2.  Naked cakes – When the naked cake came out, it was different and exciting.  It gave cakes a raw, natural look.  But, we’ve seen enough of you and it’s time to put your icing back on.

3.  Mint, blush and gold – This color palette has been around for a few years now and it’s tired.  While these colors aren’t going to go away, this combo needs a vacation.

4.  Ball jars – This is another trend that has lingered long after I thought it would.  Unless you love ball jars and they have special meaning to you, don’t do it.  Find another vessel instead.

5.  Vintage shabby chic – Part of the more rustic design vibe, this strategically aged and weathered look has seen its end.

Hello – 6 wedding ideas we want to see more of in 2016

1 .  Old world influence – We want to see more weddings using actual items and places with history.  We’re not talking things that just look vintage, but real things and locations that have a past and story.  It not only plays into your story, but gives everything new meaning.

2016 Wedding trends we want to see more of: choose a location or add items to your decor that has a historical background

(Photo credit: Rachel Robertson Photography)

2.  Alternative wedding registries – While nice housewares are always fun (because come on, designing a home is fun), if you have all the material items you need, why not do a more alternative wedding registry?  We’re excited about seeing more alternative wedding registries like a honeymoon registry, a house registry or a charity registry.

2016 Wedding trends we want to see more of: alternative wedding registries like The Good Beginning

(Taken from: The Good Beginning)

3.  Themed photobooths – Photobooths will always be fun, but we’re loving the ones that have a theme especially when it comes to the props.  It’s way more fun to have a photobooth centered all around Starwars items vs. just the random set of mustaches and eyeglasses.

2016 Wedding trends we want to see more of: themed photo booths at your wedding reception

(Photo still by: Giggle and Riot Fun Booths)

4.  Video – While having videography at a wedding is more common place, it isn’t yet treated the way photography is, as a must.  We love video, it moves us and we can’t wait to see more it for all of our clients.  And don’t forget video booths as well.

(Video by: Supreme Video Productions)

5.  Prints – Weddings as a whole tend to have lots of solids.  Every now and again we’ll see a print, but we’d love to see more.  You don’t have to go wild with prints (although that would be fun), but consider bringing a print in to accent your other colors, it will elevate the look and give it more depth.

2016 Wedding trends we want to see more of: add prints to your decor

(Photo credit: Bethany Carlson Photography)

6.  Bring your home into your wedding – Particularly for destination weddings, we love it when a couple brings a bit of their home into their design.  For example, if you’re from the south and getting married in the Caribbean add some of that southern charm, flavor and aesthetic into your wedding.  Merge your style and where you are from with the destination you are getting married in.

2016 Wedding trends we want to see more of: bring the style from your hometown to a destination wedding

(Photo credit: McAllister Photography)

Need some help navigating the trends and creating your unique destination wedding? Contact us today and we’ll help you create a wedding to remember.

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