The Good Beginning, A Charity Wedding Registry

It’s the new year, which usually means we’d write about inspiration from red carpet fashion (like Sunday’s Golden Globes) or 2016 wedding trends.  While we could do both, something came across our desks recently that we think deserves more airtime and that, is doing good.  We talked recently about sharing the love with small acts of kindness and alternative wedding registries for those couples who either have all they need or just want to take the opportunity to give back in some way.  Well today, we have a great new avenue for you to give back, The Good Beginning charity wedding registry.

One of our friends and fellow destination wedding planners, Beth Helmstetter recently created an online registry to make it easy for couples to donate to important causes that matter to them.  Beth is a traveller like we are and she’s seen the world, the real world (you can read more about it here).  She is a big believer in giving back, in sharing her causes and letting her couples do so as well.  The Good Beginning is a way for couples to give back easily and effortlessly.  The online donation wedding registry streamlines the giving process by allowing couples to choose their organizations and has an interface that allows for identifying, giving and tracking of gifts to occur all in one place.

Not only is The Good Beginning charity wedding registry simple and easy, but it’s a way to do good.  It’s a way to contribute to the causes you believe in.  Do you have all you need?  Probably.  Instead of getting another toaster, why not help make the world just a little bit happier?  You know we are all about bringing more joy into your life and one way to do that is to bring joy to someone else or to something you believe in.  So, what’s your passion?  What do you care about?  Have your guests donate on your behalf or donate yourselves in lieu of favors or both!  You’ll feel good when you start your marriage off with a good beginning and with The Good Beginning.

Charitable wedding registry The Good Beginning

(Photo credit: The Good Beginning)

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