On the 8th Day of Joy – Capture the Moment

It’s the 8th Day of Joy and Christmas this week which means we only have a few more days of gifts, but we’ve got some good ones coming up, so I hope you’re excited.

On the eighth day of Christmas, Mango Muse Events gave to me…

The Gift of Photos

One of the “tasks” that is probably on your wedding planning list are taking engagement photos.  Not everyone takes engagement photos, but I encourage you to if it fits in your budget.  It’s a nice way to get to know your photographer, but more importantly to get some nice photos of you that aren’t selfies.  But, I understand a couple’s hesitation as engagement photos can be so fake and staged especially nowadays where engagement shoots are even styled.  There is so much pressure to look perfect that these photos can turn into this big production that takes all the fun out of it.  So, let’s bring the joy back to engagement photos!

The key to great engagement photos isn’t the background or the details, but you!  The best photos are the ones where you look like you!  Happy, natural and in love, not forced, fake or awkward.  So, keep it simple, comfortable and you!  Go to your favorite dessert shop, cafe, bar, beach or town.  Go do the activity you enjoy doing together best whether that’s biking, running with your dog, playing video games or cooking.  Wear the clothes you like the most.  If you’re in a place you love, doing something that brings you joy, wearing clothes that make you feel good, it will put you at ease and make you happy.  Most people aren’t great in front of the camera, so being in a comfortable situation will not only naturally show on your face, but will be fun for you and your partner.  And the best part?  Your photos will not only be joyful to take but will be joyful to have because they’ll be meaningful and capture who you really are.

Wedding engagement photo shoot tips by Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: Christie Pham Photography)

We’ve got 4 more days of joy and 4 more gifts, you don’t want to miss them!  Want even more joy in your wedding planning? Contact us today.

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