On the 6th Day of Joy – Get Excited

We’re at the halfway mark in our 12 Days of Joy and if you’ve fallen behind, we’ve got a little recap here for you because we don’t want you to miss one joyful gift.

1st Day of Joy – The Gift of a Team

2nd Day of Joy – The Gift of Color

3rd Day of Joy – The Gift of Song

4th Day of Joy – The Gift of Gifts

5th Day of Joy – The Gift of Flowers

That’s some amazing gifts to bring more joy into your wedding planning and today on this 6th Day of Joy, we’ve got a special one for you.  Unlike our previous gifts, this one is not centered around a wedding planning activity but instead is all about your wedding planning mood.

On the sixth day of Christmas, Mango Muse Events gave to me…

The Gift of Perspective

If you’ve been planning for any period of time, you’ll have experienced some ups and downs with your wedding planning.  There are moments of excitement, moments of frustration, moments of confusion, moments of anticipation, moments of nervousness and more.  These ups and downs (particularly the downs) can affect not only your mood but your feelings about the wedding.  And I bet when you’re going through a down moment, you’ve had thoughts of eloping, doing something tiny instead or just going to city hall.  Am I right?  It’s totally normal and since today is the middle point in our 12 Days of Joy, I want to help bring more joy to your wedding planning mood.

Your mood is a result of how you feel about your current situation, so we need to change that.  Maybe your parents are making it hard, maybe your budget is concerning, maybe you’re unsure of which vendors to hire, maybe you don’t know how to find that perfect venue or maybe you’re just overwhelmed with information.  No matter what your situation is, turn your frown upside down and remember what this celebration is all about, you and your fiancé.  It’s about you two coming together, sharing your love and starting a life together.  When you think about that, the happy should fill your heart.  You can overcome any situation because you have each other and more likely than not, you’ve probably been in worse situations.  Remember that, put things in perspective and start getting excited again about celebrating your love.  If you need an action to get you back into a joyful, excited mood, take a quick video of you and your fiancé telling your loved ones how you can’t wait to see them and celebrate with them.  Being excited for them, will lift your mood too.  Then post it on your wedding website and it will not only get your guests pumped up but you as well.

Destination wedding Hawaii by Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: Christie Pham Photography)

Day 7 is coming your way tomorrow, make sure to check back to get your gift!

Do you know what will lift your mood even higher?  Having a wedding planner to help you along the way.  Contact us today to have a joyful wedding planning experience.


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