On the 4th Day of Joy – Gift Yourself

Happy 4th Day of Joy!  We’ve had 3 awesome and joyful gifts so far and it’s only going to get better!

On the fourth day of Christmas, Mango Muse Events gave to me…

The Gift of Gifts

When you start getting into the middle of wedding planning, you’ll inevitabily hit a point where you have to work on something that isn’t that fun (this varies from couple to couple).  If you’re feeling frustrated, take a little break, switch gears and go do something everyone finds fun, shopping!  Ok, so I know that not everyone finds shopping fun, but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t find picking out gifts for themselves fun and joyful.

Registry shopping is something you’ll have to do at some point, so use it as a breather exercise that not only checks something off your list but is fun to do.  It doesn’t even matter what kind of registry or gifts you want, it could be traditional china, honeymoon activities, donations to charity or no gifts at all.  Take this break to continue wedding planning, but while doing something a little more fun.  Discuss what you want together and go shopping!  Get out of the house and head to the mall or go online and build your registry there or if you don’t want gifts at all, let your guests know by updating your website and then take a nap.  You’ll find that any registry option you choose is a joyful one.

Gift cards at wedding by Jamie Change of Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: Arrowood Photography)

We’ve only got 8 more Days of Joy left, make sure you don’t miss a single one!  If you want more wedding planning joy, contact us today and we’ll make sure you have a joyful experience.

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