On the 3rd Day of Joy – Sing Your Heart Out

It’s the 3rd Day of Joy!  Isn’t this fun?  We think so!  If you missed the 1st Day of Joy and the gift of a team or the 2nd Day of Joy and the gift of color, don’t worry!  You can still get the gifts and bring more joy into your wedding planning.  But, let’s talk about today’s gift.  The holidays are full of cheer and today’s gift will bring even more cheer into your life.

On the third day of Christmas, Mango Muse Events gave to me…

The Gift of Song

No sorry, this isn’t the Sleeping Beauty and I’m not gifting you with the ability to sing.  However, when you think about picking your wedding songs, it sounds easy and fun, but when you actually start to work on it, dreaded song block sets in. Picking your wedding songs can be harder than you think and can turn what should be a fun task into a stressful chore.  So, let’s bring the joy back into your wedding music!

When you hear a song you like on the radio or on your iPod, what do you do?  You sing out loud and maybe even dance a bit.  So, sing your heart out, sing at the top of your lungs!  You can be in the shower, in the car, making dinner, running errands, doing work, it doesn’t matter where you like to sing, just sing.  Make music fun again.  And then when you’re done belting that song you love, write it down.  The songs you love to sing are usually the songs you like and picking your wedding music is just about picking songs that you love.  What you want to do is compile a list of songs that make you happy and make you smile.  These are songs that represent who you are.  Maybe you love jazz or 80’s music is your thing or you know all the words to “California Love”.  It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like, choose music that makes you happy.  It will make the process much more fun (and joyful) and your wedding so much more you.

Destination Wedding Ceremony Music and Dancing in Hawaii by Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: What a Day! Photography)

Excited for our 4th Day of Joy?  Don’t forget to come back tomorrow!  And if you want even more joy in your wedding planning, let us create an experience you’ll never forget.  Contact us today!

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