On the 2nd Day of Joy – Color Me Happy

Welcome to our 2nd Day of Joy!  If you missed our post yesterday, we’re celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas with 12 Days of Joy!  We want to bring more joy into your wedding planning, so every day for 12 days we’ll be giving you a gift of joy.

So, without further ado, on the second day of Christmas, Mango Muse Events gave to me…

The Gift of Color

Every blog, magazine and wedding planning guide will say that one of the first things you need to do when you start wedding planning is to pick your wedding colors.  If you follow our blog you know how I feel about this, because like themes, colors can force you into a box and we don’t like boxes.  Many couples feel like they need to pick a certain color because it fits well with their venue, their location, their dress or is trendy.  It’s no fun to feel like you are just picking something because you are supposed to pick something.  However, your wedding will have some type of color and it is important that the color or colors you want are harmonious with who you are and the feeling you are going for.

So, let’s make this process less painful and more joyful!  We’ve got a simple solution, just pick the colors you love.  Pick your favorite colors!  Pick the ones that make you happy, that make you smile, that bring you joy!  Pick the ones you’d naturally choose if you had to pick a something like a cell phone case, a water bottle color, a t-shirt, or a bag.  And you can choose as many or as little colors as you like.  Maybe you’re a fan of warm colors, so do a combo.  Maybe you have always loved blue, so it’s all about blue or maybe you like light colors or bright colors or rich colors.  It’s all ok!  Don’t feel forced into certain colors or a certain number of colors.  Go with what naturally makes you happy and designing your wedding will not only be easier, but more joyful.

Tips on how to choose your wedding colors by Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: What a Day! Photography)

It’s the 3rd Day of Joy tomorrow, make sure to come back for your next wedding planning gift.  And if you want even more joy, contact us today!  We are designers of joy and will bring lots of it to your wedding planning experience.

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