Christmas Decorating Ideas

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you know that we are officially in the midst of the holidays!  You can feel all the merriment and joy bounding about.  Christmas music is in full swing (which I am loving), twinkle lights are a plenty, trees are being trimmed and everywhere you look there are snowflakes, gingerbread houses and reindeer.  Part of the fun of the holidays is decorating not only your home but your table.  You can go with a theme like a winter wonderland, ski lodge or straight up Christmas or you can do something completely your own.  There are so many fun ways to bring some holiday cheer into your home, so we’ve gathered some fun holiday decor inspiration just for you.  Enjoy!

The classic Christmas tree is great, but if you’re feeling like doing something new, decorate it differently!  This tree is from the San Francisco City Hall and is decked out all in Japanese paper cranes.

Paper crane Christmas tree ornaments. Christmas decoration ideas by Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events

Go floral and colorful with your tree instead with this DIY floral tree from Design Love Fest.

Floral Christmas tree decor ideas by Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events

Or how about going with an all white upside down tree?  It kind of looks like one large snowflake which is fun.

Alternative Christmas decoration idea by Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events

Everyone loves a good holiday wreath, but why not turn it on its head and hang it instead?  Check out this DIY wreath chandelier from Home Depot.

Holiday wreath decoration idea by Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events

Holiday florals tend to be all about poinsettias, but floral centerpieces are not to be forgotten.  These red amaryllis are gorgeous and with the monstera give it a tropical look too!

Red Christmas floral decor idea by Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events

Fake snow is super fun and there are so many ways to use it.  I personally love these pillar vases and candles with some snow underneath.  It’s simple, easy, nice to look at and not messy.  You can use it to decorate your table or mantel.

Fake snow decor idea by Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events

I’m kind of into fur right now, so I’m loving the fur blankets and pillows.  You don’t have to go nuts, but it’s a fun addition to your living room couches and chairs.  I personally like these grey and white ones from Pottery Barn.

Faux fur Christmas decor idea by Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events

Do you have some jingle bells hanging around?  Why not use it as a DIY napkin ring holder?  This one is a real napkin holder you can purchase, but you can totally DIY it!  All you have to do is tie a ribbon through the bell loop and wrap it around your napkin.

DIY Christmas Napkin holder idea by Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events

Tinsel can be a little cheesy sometimes, but if you use it in a new way you can breathe new life into it.  These upside down wine and champagne glasses make for perfect cupcake stands and when you put a small piece of tinsel underneath it adds some sparkle and shine.  I created these centerpieces for a holiday party and they were a huge hit.  Also, if you love these cupcakes (aren’t they awesome?!) they were made by Candie’s Cupcakes and are decorated with rock candy covered sugar cones.

Christmas cupcake decor idea by Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events

I hope this sparked some ideas for you and your holiday decor.  Remember to have fun with it!  Do something new or use something in a new way and you’ll be surprised with what you can come up with.

Need some last minute help with your holiday decor?  Contact us today and we’ll get you sorted out and ready to party.

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