3 Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Tablescape

If you are hosting Thanksgiving this year, part of the fun is setting your table.  It’s going to be the focal point of the holiday as that is where most of your eating and chatting will happen.  It’s no fun doing the same Thanksgiving tablescape every year, right?  So, let’s change it up!  Now while you could certainly go out and buy new dishes or flatware or napkins, you don’t have to (unless you want to) in order to create something new.  In today’s design inspiration, we’re going to show you some Thanksgiving tablescape designs to inspire you for your upcoming feast.

We took a quick trip to World Market to put these together, but you can easily mix and match with what you have to put together a festive and welcoming Thanksgiving tablescape.  To help with this, think about all the items you own because you probably have more than you realize.  You don’t have to stick to just fine china or ceramic pieces, you can use summer pieces, outdoor dining dishes and even bring in some colors you wouldn’t normally associate with Thanksgiving and fall.  It’s all about how you use them together that matters.  Let’s have some fun!

Our first Thanksgiving tablescape we’re calling Rustic Red.  The coppery red fringed placemat brings in those traditional Thanksgiving browns, reds and oranges you usually think of, but the dishware and silverware are a little more fun.  The combination of a metallic, a more boho print and a more traditional plate mixes up both the textures, but also the colors.

Thanksgiving table setting idea. Rustic red, metallic and bohemian elements combined.

What I like about it this table setting is that it’s formal without feeling too buttoned-up and the whimsical fiddlehead flatware brings some extra fun to the setting.  I finished it off with a linen napkin and a succulent napkin ring to give it a more natural look and tie in the floral print.  You could take this design and make it more rustic or bring in some additional prints and colors.  Take a look at what you own and see how you can combine metallics, vibrant prints, and your traditional dishware all while keep it fun and natural.

Succulent napkin holder idea for a Thanksgiving table setting.

This next Thanksgiving tablescape is called the Exotic Outdoors.  While the first tablescape had the predominant color you think of when you think of Thanksgiving, this one has that natural feeling of being outdoors with the fabrics and textures.  The woven placemat, rattan charger, wood pieces and muted colors of the dishware and napkin all help bring that outdoor feeling inside.

Outdoor, natural theme idea for Thanksgiving table setting.

The textures really come across well in this next picture and is what I like most about this table setting.  I feel almost transported back to the Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving with of course some upgrades.  The dinner plate and napkin prints break up the natural feeling and add some color and interest and an exotic feeling to the table.  This could go more tropical, more Balinese or Indian, just depending on what you own.  So, think about what you have that gives off that outdoor feeling and pair it with an exotic print or two to spice it up.

Use a wooden napkin holder for an outdoor, natural theme idea for Thanksgiving table setting.

Our last Thanksgiving tablescape is called Modern Shapes.  This table setting plays on the use of different shapes and lighter colors to bring a fresh feeling to the table.  Thanksgiving to me always has a warmth and freshness to it, maybe because of the crispness of the air and the abundance of food.  While this table setting is the least traditional Thanksgiving looking, but still has a very warm feeling to it.  The gold square charger with the scalloped white and aqua blue plates are light and bright.

Non traditional table setting idea for Thanksgiving dinner

What I like most about this table setting is what the unexpected floral print bowl and the Ikat napkin do to change it.  These two elements add some fun to the table setting and bring in the warmth factor.  It’s modern while also playful and not too stark and serious.  You can take this setting in a few different directions and play with the shapes, colors and prints.  I wouldn’t add too much print here, but a touch here and there is perfect.  So, think about what you own that will give you some fresh clean lines and also some warmth.

Use an Ikat print napkins for a non traditional Thanksgiving table setting.

Did you get some ideas for your Thanksgiving tablescape?  I hope so!  As you know, we like to mix and match in all of our design to find that perfect combination to suit or clients.  So, don’t be afraid, have fun and just play with it!  Try unexpected combinations and you might just put together your favorite tablescape.


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