Top Wedding Dresses From Bridal Fashion Week

Bridal fashion week just happened in NYC and while I didn’t get to attend the shows, I of course had to check them out.  So much loveliness!  So, in true Mango Muse Events fashion, I picked my favorite wedding dresses to share with you as inspiration for your perfect dress (or perhaps a dress in this line up will be your perfect dress).
Here we go….

Modern Wedding Dresses
I want to start off with the more modern dresses.  These are sleek with special details like an asymmetrical top, low V neck or cut outs.

Asymmetrical J Mendel Wedding Gown Fall 2016

This J Mendel dress is a beauty.  Look at the curving lines and that top is something special.

Beaded bridal gown by J Mendel Fall 2016

This elegant beaded gown is another of J Mendel’s.  Sleek with a little bit of shine.

Carolina Herrera Bridal Gown Fall 2016

More of a classic bride?  This Carolina Herrera is a classy one. Smooth, nice lines and a pretty (and a little sexy) neckline.

Austin Scarlett Wedding Gown Fall 2016

If you’re a bit more trendy, this Austin Scarlett dress with its cutouts is a nice pick.  The simple boatneck works nicely with the side cutouts so that it’s fun, but not too revealing.

Lace Wedding Dresses

If sleek and modern isn’t your thing, what about lace?  Lace dresses are always a classic for their detail, romantic and feminine looks.  These are a slightly new take on the lace dress and we’re digging it.

Alvina Valenta Lace Bridal Gown Fall 2016

Love this Alvina Valenta gown for it’s beautiful top.  You’d think more detail on a lace dress would be too much, but this works beautifully.  It’s a great look if you want to be more reserved and covered up, while not looking like a nun.

Lazaro 2 piece Lace Bridal Gown

Since we’re talking about beautiful tops, this Lazaro is lovely.  This bodice is almost a separate piece and I like that about this dress.  It keeps the the lace style, but brings something new.  The straps are also really pretty.

Lace sleeve Lela Rose Bridal Gown Fall 2016

If you want to go the long sleeve route like Kate Middleton, this Lela Rose dress is gorgeous.  I love the shape the dress creates.  And because it isn’t all lace, when you do see the lace it feels special and stands out.

Almost Lace Wedding Dresses

Next up are the patterned cutout dresses.  These aren’t really lace, but have a lace like feel to them. The designs and patterns have much more range creating something new.

Alon Livne Cutout Bridal Gown Fall 2016

This Alon Livne makes me feel like I’m looking through a beautiful window in a conservatory.  It has an organic vine like feel to it, but also the lines and curves of stained glass.  It’s so fun to look at.

Alon Livne Off the shoulder Bridal Gown Fall 2016

This second Alon Livne dress has similar elements to the first, but feels more lush and feminine with a bit of a French feel to it.

Shimmering Berta Wedding Gown Fall 2016

This shimmering Berta gown is not for every bride, but I like it.  The dress within a dress creates almost two looks.  One is a bit traditional and the other almost sporty.  Together, it’s a nice mesh of detail, shine and simplicity.

Galia Lahav Wedding Gown Fall 2016

This Gala by Galia Lahav dress is for a sexy bride with beautiful shoulders.  There is a sultriness to this dress that you can’t deny.  The open chest with the touch of detail at the neck forming a necklace is a beauty.

Beaded Wedding Dresses

If you are a bling kind of gal, then beaded dresses are for you.  There is such a thing as too much beading, but done right and it’s breathtaking.

Badgley Mischka beaded Bridal Gown Fall 2016

Badgley Mischka does bling well with this beautiful topped dress.  Simple and elegant.

Marchesa beaded Bridal Gown Fall 2016

The beaded detailing in this Marchesa gown is a sight to be seen.  Totally opulent.

Reem Acra Bridal Gown Fall 2016

Dresses can sometimes transport you and this Reem Acra to me says winter wonderland.  It’s glittery, but soft and light, like a snowflake.

Tulle Wedding Dresses

Tulle is making a comeback and I’m seeing more and more dresses incorporating this sometimes shunned fabric.  While not for everyone, the great thing about tulle is that it makes a dress look light and fluffy.  It’s a twirling kind of dress.

Carolina Herrera Tulle Bridal Gown Fall 2016

This Carolina Herrera with a unique marbled design bodice is so dreamy.

Carolina Herrera Bodice and Grey Tulle Bridal Gown Fall 2016

Another Carolina Herrera, but this one I love for the color.  The bodice is pretty amazing, but paired with the soft grey tulle skirt makes it special.

Marchesa Bridal Gown Fall 2016

This Marchesa has regal all over it.  Granted the model is wearing a crown, but the design is stately.  And I love the use of color as it gives the dress just a touch of boho charm.

Ines di Santo Tiered Tull Bridal Gown Fall 2016

Tiered tulle anyone?  This Ines Di Santo is a fun one, both playful and beautiful.

Two Piece Wedding Dresses

One of the trends we are seeing are two piece dresses (a top and a skirt) whether in actuality or just appearing to be so.  It’s a fun trend that lends itself to a slightly more casual look and feel.

Amsale Two piece wedding gown Fall 2016

This modern Amsale is simplicity at it’s best.  I really like the white spaghetti strap top paired with the oyster colored skirt.

Ivy and Aster Two piece wedding gown Fall 2016

This Ivy and Aster two piece is a cute one.  Simple top paired with a tulle skirt and just a small strip of midriff. Very Taylor Swift.

Reem Acra Two piece beaded top wedding gown Fall 2016

The crystal beaded top is a simple shape, but when paired with a satin skirt, this Reem Acra number shines.

Short Wedding Dresses

If you’re a bit non-traditional or headed somewhere warm for your destination wedding, why not go with a short dress?  They are just as lovely.  These also make for nice reception dresses as well, if you’re 2 dress kind of gal.

Amsale eyelet  wedding gown Fall 2016

Amsale’s eyelet dress is airy, easy and perfect for a sunny day.

Lela Rose Short wedding gown Fall 2016

I love this fluttery Lela Rose dress, it’s playful and fun.

Naeem Khan Short Fringe Wedding dress Fall 2016

This tasseled Naeem Khan has an exotic vibe that I’m loving.  The movement is great and I can definitely see this at a destination wedding.

Randi Rahm Short Wedding Dress Fall 2016

If sleek is more your thing, this Randi Rahm dress is a nice one.  Simple, but with just enough white on white detailing to make it special.

Yumi Katsura Beaded Short Wedding Dress Fall 2016

I really like the bling and flutter combo in this Yumi Katsura dress.  They work wonderfully together making the dress fancy and fun.

Out of the Box Wedding Dresses

Lastly are the dresses that don’t really fall into a category for me.  They just are beautiful in and of themselves and perhaps a little out of the box.

J Mendel Blush Wedding Dress Fall 2016

Pleats?  Why not?!  This soft blush J Mendel dress is a beauty.

Monique Lhuillier Short bodice wedding dress Fall 2016

How about a dress that does double duty?  This Monique Lhuillier is both short and long, which is a fun little surprise all wrapped into one.

Kelly Faetanini Strapless wedding dress Fall 2016

How do you feel about gold?  The top of this Kelly Faetanini is a nice change to the all the normal strapless dresses out there.

Mark Zunino Black and White Wedding dress Fall 2016

Or let’s go with black like in this Mark Zunino dress.  Just because white is traditional doesn’t mean you can’t play with it.

Zac Posen Black Wedding dress Fall 2016

Or we can throw white completely out the window with this stunning black Truly Zac Posen.  If black (or red or green or blue, etc…) is your thing, go for it!

Boho wedding dress by Savannah Miller for Stone Fox Bride

Perhaps you want something with less structure that is just easy and flowy.  This pretty boho dress from Savannah Miller for Stone Fox Bride, is just the ticket.

Vera Wang Alternative Wedding dress Fall 2016

Or maybe you want something with a little big of grunge.  This Vera Wang is pretty but with a bit of grit in it which I love.

(Photo credits: All photos come from either or from the designer)

Do you have a favorite?  Do you know what kind of wedding dress you want?  Share it with us in a comment below.  I’d love to hear what style you are.

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