Wedding Tip: What To Do with Kids at Your Adult Only Destination Wedding

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Wedding Tip from the Pros:  Provide guests with babysitter options

Having an adult only destination wedding is great, but when your guests bring their kids along, it’s not so great.  To make sure you keep your destination wedding kid free, provide babysitter options. If you have guests who have to or want to bring their kids with them, but you don’t want the kids at the wedding, providing babysitter options makes it easy for parents to ditch the kids.  They can make their own arrangements if it’s a one off or you can organize something for all the kids if you have a bunch of them.  Either way, by doing the research ahead of time and providing it to your guests, you’ve not only made it easy for the parents but added a subtle reminder to them as well.

What to do with kids at an adult only wedding by Jamie Chang Destination Wedding Planner of Mango Muse Events

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