When Do You Send Save the Dates?

Wedding Planning Tips by Destination Wedding Planner, Mango Muse Events

Wedding Tip from the Pros: Send your save the dates as soon as you have a date

You want to inform your guests of your wedding date and location as soon as you know.  Ideally, you want to send your save the dates out around 9 months out from the wedding or at least a couple of months before you send out your wedding invitations.  The idea is to give people a heads up and time to plan before getting the real invite.  If you are planning way in advance, then you can wait to send them out until about a year out or less.  And if you are planning within a short time frame, the time in-between the two can also be shorter.

When do you send Save the dates? Wedding advice by Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events.

Isn’t this a cute save the date for a destination wedding?  Love the sunglasses!

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