Wedding Wednesday Q&A: Wedding Signs

Wedding Wednesdays Q&A by Jamie Chang Destination Wedding Planner of Mango Muse Events

In today’s Wedding Wednesday Q&A, we’re discussing wedding signs:  I feel like I’m pretty much set with all of my decor for my wedding, but as I was looking on Pinterest, I saw these cute wedding signs for our chairs.  I’m thinking about creating some for my wedding, but I was wondering what other types of signs I might want to consider as well.  Do you have a list you can share?  Thanks!

Sure thing!  So, there are many types of signs you can consider for your wedding, but below are some of the more common ones:

1.  Signs that give directions – These are useful if you are having your wedding in multiple locations on the same property that may be a little difficult to find.  You can direct people to the ceremony, cocktails, dinner, dancing, the bathrooms, the photobooth or anything else people may need to find.  While these usually are only created when they are needed, you can create these just for fun as well.

Wedding sign that provides directions. Event design by Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events.

(Photo credit: Bethany Carlson Photography)

2.  Signs that give instructions – These are great to help people know what they are supposed to do.  Some examples of this are a sign for the guest book indicating how they should fill it out (if you are doing something different), a sign telling guests how they should seat themselves or a sign telling guests how you want or don’t want social media posting.

Welcome sign at destination wedding in Sonoma. Event design by Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events.

(Photo credit: Arrowood Photograhy)

3.  Signs that provide information – These are simple ones that just tell people what something is or give them information.  Like a sign welcoming people to your wedding or a sign for where people should put their cards, a menu sign, a dessert bar sign, or a sign with a list of drinks or signature drinks.

Wedding Menu sign at destination wedding in Hawaii. Event design by Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events.

(Photo credit: What a Day! Photography)

4. Signs just for fun – Like the chair signs you saw that probably said Mr. and Mrs., these signs don’t have a real functional purpose besides being cute and making for great photos.  You can have a saying displayed or a sign that tells your story.  Anything goes for this one.

Wedding signs over bride and groom's chair at reception. Event design by Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events.

(Photo credit: Andria Lo Weddings)

Have fun making your signs!  And remember that you definitely should include any signs that are necessary so people aren’t confused and any others are purely optional.

Got a wedding planning question you need help with?  Let us know in a comment below and we’ll answer it in an upcoming Q&A.

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