Should You Have a Wedding Favor?

Wedding Planning Tips by Destination Wedding Planner, Mango Muse Events

Wedding Tip from the Pros:  Only give out a wedding favor if they are special to you

Couples tend to think that wedding favors are a must have, but they really aren’t.  Most get thrown away or aren’t even taken.  I always recommend that couples only do a wedding favor if it’s something that is useful to the guest and means something to you.  Then the gift is special and will be received as such.  Otherwise, save your money and use it elsewhere!

Wedding favor at destination wedding. Event Design by Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events.

A special homemade seasoning was made by this couple who loved to cook!

(Photo credit: Chrissy Lambert Photography)

Monday is labor day and a celebration of the contributions American workers have made to the country.  Since we are also workers and have done our fair share of labor this year, we’re taking the day off!  So, enjoy your long weekend (we sure will!) and we’ll see you on Tuesday!

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