Wedding Planning Tip: Create A Wedding Hashtag

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Wedding Tip from the Pros: Create a wedding hashtag

If you’re the social media loving kind of couple, create a special wedding hashtag for your wedding.  You can display the hashtag in your program or on signs to let your guests know to use it.  And then you’ll be able to easily see all the photos from that wedding hashtag.  And even better, if you hire a vendor who can print Instagram photos, you can even get physical copies of the photos at the wedding while people are sharing it!

One important note!  Make sure you pick a hashtag that actually works which means you can’t have any special characters in it.  I also suggest that you test it and see who else uses that hashtag before you use it.  It wouldn’t be so great to share a hashtag with a penis implant company for example or a diet pill.

Use a wedding hashtag to find your photos on social media. Featured here: Giggle and Riot Instagram Photos and Print set up at a wedding.

(Photo credit: Milou and Olin)

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