A Wedding in Calistoga

When people think of wine country, Napa valley always comes first to mind and it’s easy to see why.  There are so many cute little towns off the 29 that are fun to explore and of course taste wine.  Today we’re taking you Calistoga, to the northern most part of Napa Valley.  This little area is a great place to choose for your destination wedding because it is farther north which means it is a little more remote and peaceful.  Calistoga is a great place to take it down a notch and relax. Besides wine tasting and it’s cute little downtown with great restaurants, Calistoga also has the added plus of the many mud baths and hot springs nearby. This is where you can take a load off and hit up the spa, take a dip in the pool and sip some wine.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?  It is lovely and a great place for your destination wedding.  I just came back from doing a wedding in Calistoga and it is really such a nice place. There are a handful of wedding venues in Calistoga, but there are two that I want to share with you today.  I’m a fan of both as they are both great, but different and are for different couples.

First up is Calistoga Ranch.  Calistoga Ranch is a private tucked away resort that has the feeling of being in the mountains.  Outside of the small vineyard onsite, you don’t actually feel like you are in wine country, but somewhere more lodge-like, tree filled and quiet.  It’s luxurious and elegant and a perfect romantic getaway for a couple (not just for a wedding).  There are also a number of beautiful areas onsite for you to choose from which make this venue a great pick.

Lake at destination wedding venue Calistoga Ranch.

A view of the lake and the Calistoga Ranch restaurant from the lawn which is one possible venue location.

Outdoor pool at destination wedding venue Calistoga Ranch.

The pool and another possible venue for your wedding.  The trees on the right side are a great for a ceremony or cocktail area.

Outdoor seating area at destination wedding venue Calistoga Ranch.

The vineyard venue with it’s view of the vines.

Underground wine cave at destination wedding venue Calistoga Ranch.

And the wine cave which is perfect for dinner or dancing.

While I love Calistoga Ranch, Solage Calistoga is also pretty great.  Solage Calistoga is more hip and accessible.  This resort is all about creating a casual, but fun atmosphere where you can hang out by the pool, have lunch with your friends, relax in the spa or take a bike ride.  It’s a great place for a younger, more lively group and perfect not only for weddings but for bachelor and bachelorette parties .  While there is only one main area to have your wedding, it’s contemporary style is light, airy and approachable.

Outside of main reception area of destination wedding venue, Solage Calistoga.

The main room where receptions are held.

The ceremony lawn at destination wedding venue at Solage Calistoga.

The ceremony lawn with mountains in the backdrop.

Outside terrace at destination wedding venue in Solage Calistoga.

The terrace and a part of the property.  I love the twig covered terrace, the design is cool and the shadows are fun.

Bocce ball court at destination wedding venue in Solage Calistoga.

Bocce ball courts!  Along with bikes, this resort also has 2 full bocce courts.

Aren’t they great?  Both venues have great food, great service and are fun resorts, it just depends on the atmosphere you’re looking for.  Not only are these resorts perfect for a destination wedding, but also for an upcoming getaway.  If you’re looking for somewhere special to stay or to get married in wine country, consider Calistoga.  It’s a great little town and both of these resorts are fantastic options.

Need help planning your destination wedding in Calistoga (or elsewhere)?  We can help you!  Contact us here.

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