Personalized Welcome Gifts for a Destination Wedding

Destination Weddings by Mango Muse Events

One of the fun details to plan for a destination wedding are the welcome gifts.  These are fun little items meant to welcome your guests, get them excited about the awesome location they are in and thank them for coming all the way to be at your wedding.  While I always recommend giving your guests some local goods, it’s also nice when you can give them personalized welcome gifts that are both useful for their trip and something that is meaningful to you.

A recent couple of mine who got married in the Caribbean gave their guests playing cards as a part of their personalized welcome gifts.  These cards not only gave the guests something to do but also meant something special to the couple (as playing cards is something the two of them always do).

Personalized welcome gifts for a destination wedding: playing cards.

(Photo credit: McAllister Photography)

What personalized welcome gifts will you give your guests?

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