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We’ve been alluding to something big over the past few days and now it’s finally here!  We’ve just launched some awesome new services, our wedding planning sessions that we can’t wait to tell you about.  Before we jump into it, though, let me give you some background on how this came about.

Most wedding planner’s services revolve around helping you with your wedding planning either from start to finish (full-service wedding planning), starting the month of (day of/month of coordination) or something in-between (partial planning).  You usually work with them for an extended period of time and they shoulder many of the responsibilities and help guide you.  These services are super helpful to any couple, but how do you know which wedding planner is right for you?

While our business is visual, what we actually do goes far beyond what you can see.  It’s the experience we give you and all the little things that can’t be captured by a photo.  Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to really see how we work and the core of what we do like with a florist or a photographer or a hair/makeup artist.  We can show you photos of our weddings, but we can’t show you samples of how we work.  In order to choose a wedding planner you just have to do your research, talk with us and trust your gut.  But, let’s be honest, even with all that it’s hard to know who to trust and whether this person (who you’ll be working with for a long time) can give you what you need.  Our new service removes this doubt.

Now there are other couples who either don’t want a full-time wedding planner or can’t afford one, but still need someone to help them get started, to tell them what to do and how to go about it.  And many couples may have started planning and find themselves unsure of where to go next or what to do.  Or they are feeling lost and need someone to come in and get them on the right track.  Our services can help here too.

So, what are our new services?  They are the Kickstart wedding planning sessions and the  Jumpstart wedding planning sessions.  These 90-minute sessions give engaged couples a chance to work with a pro (us!) one on one and create a vision and plan for their wedding.  With the Kickstart wedding planning session, we build the foundation needed to help you understand what is important, what to focus on and how to create the wedding you want.  With the Jumpstart wedding planning session, we come in when your wedding planning has already started and needs a reboot.  We assess what you’ve done and get you back on the right track to creating a wedding you love.

These wedding planning sessions give couples like you a chance to really understand how we work and what we can do for them.  It also gives both of us a real opportunity to see if we are a good fit before working full-time together.  In addition, for the couple who can’t afford a full-time wedding planner or the couple who just needs a little bit of help to get them going, this is the perfect solution.  At the end of the wedding planning session, you’ll have a real plan with actionable next steps and an clear understanding of what you want and how to get there.  So, whether you decide to work with us or not, each couple walks away with their personalized plan.

The process we take couples through in these wedding planning sessions is very similar to what we do with our full-time clients when we first start working with them.  I’ve found that it’s extremely helpful in creating a real understanding of who the couple is, how they feel and what is important.  From that core comes the roadmap for your planning and what you’ll to refer to for all of your wedding decisions.

Pretty great, huh?  We’re really excited about these services as it gives couples a chance to not only talk with a professional and get their questions answered, but also to walk away feeling excited, knowledgable and ready to tackle their wedding planning.  The investment is $399, a small portion of a couple’s wedding budget, but a huge value.  This is the introductory launch price that we’re sharing with our awesome readers and followers.  The pricing will go up eventually, but we’re so excited about it that we want to start helping couples now and decided to make it an awesome deal.

Click to learn more and book your Kickstart wedding planning session or Jumpstart wedding planning session.  And if you aren’t engaged but have any friends who are and could use some much-needed help, we’d love your referral!

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