Should You Still Have Your Destination Wedding in Greece?

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There has been a lot of news about Greece recently and the money troubles it’s been having.  And for while there it seemed like they might get kicked out of the eurozone, which would have changed things for sure from an economic standpoint.  However, Greece did get bailed out, banks are reopened and things are returning to “normal”, but they still aren’t in great shape.  So, if you’ve been thinking about a destination wedding in Greece or are already planning on having your destination wedding there, do you need to reconsider?

It’s an important question to ask yourself if you are headed anywhere with some turmoil like Greece or some danger like Mexico or Africa, or just headed somewhere where something major is happening in the area.  Think of all the natural disasters that happen, like hurricanes in Hawaii or the Caribbean, tsunamis in Thailand, Iceland volcanic eruptions, earthquakes in Japan.  Then there are the terrorist bombings like in Bali or political unrest like in Egypt. Or perhaps it’s something a little less major but still influential like a transportation strike in France or a high exchange rate.  These are important factors to consider when choosing a destination wedding location but is also important if there comes a time where you need make a decision on whether to still have your destination wedding in that location.  Every situation is different and the fear or danger is also very different depending on the location and what you can handle as a couple (i.e. how risky you are).

So, let’s talk specifically about a destination wedding in Greece.  Greece’s issue is a financial/economic one which means that while you may encounter some potential problems, there isn’t a high risk of danger.  You might encounter some businesses closing or a vendor potentially falling through, but these problems are not insurmountable.  Now that Greece has gotten the bailout, money is available as well.  If you had your wedding during the last couple of weeks when banks were closed, then cash might have been an issue.  But you should be covered now, although it probably doesn’t hurt to get some euros from your local bank in advance of arriving to Greece.

The key thing here is that Greece needs the money, so tourism is going to be a major asset for them.  They want to bring people to Greece to spend money, so this actually might be to your advantage.  Perhaps you’ll get a good travel deal or hotel rate.  Or maybe some vendors might be more flexible in order to get your business.  All in all, I don’t think the current issues are a reason to cancel or move your destination wedding in Greece.  Just plan ahead and pay attention to what is happening there.  You can not only have your amazing destination wedding in Greece, but perhaps capitalize on the current climate and score yourself some deals.

Have a destination wedding in Greece.

Not sure how to go about planning your destination wedding in Greece?  We’d be happy to help!  Contact us here.

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