6 Fun Ideas for an Outdoor Summer Party

It’s summer, hot and sunny and I’m sure you’re looking for an excuse to have a fun get together with your friends and family. We’re not just talking about the upcoming 4th of July weekend, but for other weekends as well.  Well, don’t you worry, we’ve got 6 outdoor summer party ideas that will give the excuse you need to celebrate summer.

1. Have an outdoor game day.  Come up with your own relay races and trivia games that people can play outdoors.  You can put together a game day menu of comfort foods and maybe even some prizes for the winning team.

2. Have a grown up lemonade stand.  Get your friends to come up with their own drink recipes (lemonade or not) and hold a contest.  If you are competitive you can literally have a contest to see who can sell more on the street, or just have a taste testing contest where everyone gets to vote.

Lemonade stand idea for an outdoor summer party.

(Photo credit: Arrowood Photography)

3. Have a picnic on the beach.  Gather your peeps and head to the sand.  Make it potluck style and everyone brings something different to keep it interesting.  Setup some blankets and pillows, and sit around and enjoy the surf and the sea.  You can even stick around for sunset.

4. Have a tea party.  Set up in your garden or backyard and serve mini sandwiches, scones and tea (hot and/or cold).  Make it an all ladies lunch and deck out the decor in florals.

5. Go camping.  You can go somewhere and actually camp or just camp in your back yard.  Set up a tent, grill up some food and roast those smores while you sit in a circle and tell stories.

Making s'mores, an idea for an outdoor summer party.

(Photo credit: Chrisman Studios)

6.  Have an outdoor movie night.  Rent one of those big screens, get the gang together and show a summer blockbuster movie under the stars.  Serve some fun flavored popcorns, snacks and drinks and have lots of places for people to get comfy and lie out.

It all sounds fun, right?  Now go forth and enjoy your summer with one of these outdoor summer party ideas!

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