Inspiration Mondays: Rich in Love

I grew up with 3 older sisters, but I definitely came as a surprise many years after they were born.  So, while I had sisters, in many ways my childhood was much different then theirs.  So, when my sisters tell me stories about their childhood and what my parents were like when they were young, it’s a much different picture then what they were like when I was young.  It was harder for my parents with my 3 sisters both from a time, attention and money perspective.  One thing my oldest sister shared at my wedding in her toast was that when they used to complain about why they couldn’t get something, my parents would tell them that they just didn’t have the money for it.  And then my dad used to say that they may not be rich in money, but they were rich in love.  If you have love, you are anything but poor.

Who, being loved is poor. Oscar Wilde quote.

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