Wedding Tips Just For The Groom

As you know, much of what we share in our helpful tips, Q&A and inspiration are to help engaged couples navigate the wedding planning world.  Now while we are here to help couples, many times what we share is more for the ladies especially when it comes to fashion inspiration.  But, we want to rectify that because guys, you are important too! So, today we have a couple of fun things to share just for the groom.

First up, we came across this super handy Gentlemen’s Handbook by Inside Hook which is both funny and also very helpful (which you know we are all about!) and geared just towards guys.  You can check it out here.

Secondly, we have to talk fashion for the groom.  While the black tux or suit is totally classic and will always be, if you want something a little more interesting, go for blue instead.  It’s fun, still totally approachable, but also totally stylish too.  In particular, we’re currently loving these royal blue ensembles which we think are super handsome and would be perfect for a groom and his spring or summer wedding.

Groom Royal Blue Suit, The Emporer

Groom Royal Blue Suit by Ami.

Groom Royal Blue Suit Michael Bastian.

We know you have short attention spans, so we’ll stop there for today, but come back because we’ll be sharing more fun stuff just for the gents.

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