Wedding Planning Tip: Mother of the Bride

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Wedding Tip from the Pros: Include your mother in your wedding planning the right way

The mother of the bride (or all moms) can be a little overbearing and let’s be frank, crazy when it comes to weddings.  I know you don’t want to go nuts, but you don’t want to shut her out completely either.  She’s crazy because she’s excited and wants to be involved.  So, involve her in the right way.

Give her tasks that you don’t want to do or care less about like finding a garter or a babysitter.  You can put her in charge of things like the assembly of your wedding invites or favors.  You can bring her with you when you pick out your wedding dress or to a cake tasting.

Your mother loves you and she is the mother of the bride (which is an honorary position), so she’s excited and she just wants to be a part of the process.  She wants to help you, so let her!

You don’t have to involve her in everything if that pains you.  But, getting her help for the tedious things or things you don’t care as much about will take a load off your shoulders.  It will also make her happy and it may even bring you closer.

Bride and mother of the bride at destination wedding in Healdsburg by Jamie Chang destination wedding planner of Mango Muse Events.

(Photo credit: Deborah Laver Photographer)

Now I want to hear from you!  How are you planning on including your mom in your wedding?  Please share in a comment below.

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