Eco-conscious Tableware

While most of our posts are wedding related and intended to help engaged couples, every now and again it’s fun to share something that can help everyone and anyone.  It’s earth day tomorrow and what would help everyone more than something that is good for the environment?

We recently found out about a line of eco-conscious tableware that is good for the earth and wanted to share it with all you green folks.  Planetware makes eco-conscious tableware products (bowls, plates, greeand cups) with zero waste and zero ecological footprint.  How awesome is that?

They’ve managed to eliminate waste from the product life cycle during production, packaging, and disuse. The raw ingredients in Planetware, which would normally be waste material, are instead upcycled and turned into sustainable, functional tableware that you can use in the microwave and dishwasher.  And while Planetware is built to last, it will compost completely after only a few years in a landfill.  Not to mention that they come in fun, bright all natural colors.  It’s all kind of amazing, I think.  The company is still in Kickstarter mode, so you can help fund their idea if you’re interested or just check them out here.  It’s one more way you can help save the earth.

Planetware dishes, upcycled eco-conscious tableware.

(Photo credit: Planetware)

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