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As you all know, I’m a traveler.  I love seeing, eating and experiencing my way through places.  It’s huge part of why I am a destination wedding planner and how I can understand what destination couples are looking for.  And as an avid traveler, I’m always on the lookout for great travel deals or better ways to travel.  I’m not a gambler (although craps

I’m not a gambler (although craps is fun!) nor do I play the stock market (I think that would give me a heart attack), but buying flights is my form of gambling.  Will it go up?  Will it go down? Is it the right time?  Should I pull the trigger?  Those are always the questions I ask myself when I’m looking for flights.  It’s like playing chicken or a being in a staring contest, you have to know when to hold on and when to blink.  And sometimes you win (and you do a little celebratory dance) and sometimes you lose (and you beat yourself up).  It can be a little intense sometimes, I won’t lie.  But, let’s face it, unless it’s a trip you have to book at a certain time or is last minute, you want to try to get the best possible deal.  Am I right?

So, when I come across something that can help with the staring contest, I want to share it.  Kayak recently came out with their 2015 Travel Hacker Guide and it’s pretty great.  It isn’t all inclusive by any means and of course isn’t fool proof, but it has some great info.  There is a list of deal destinations which are great if you want to go somewhere, but don’t have your heart set on a location.  Why not head somewhere where the airfare will be a steal?  Or say you want a beach destination wedding and you’re not sure where to go, check out their top 10 beach destinations.  But, my favorite is the global travel tips where they tell you when to book your flight, what days to book on and about on average how much it should be.  Super helpful if you’re planning a trip to Europe like I am or a planning a destination wedding.  Check it out here. And happy travelling!

Illustrated map of the world.

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