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Wedding Tip from the Pros:  Get ready in a meaningful place

More often than not, we see brides & grooms getting ready in a generic hotel room or places that have no sentimental value to the couple.  Try to select a getting ready location that is unique or special to you like the home you grew up in or a cozy AirBnB cabin near your wedding venue.  Not only will this allow your photographer to be creatively inspired and take better getting ready photos, but it will also start your day off on the right foot, de-stress you and help create even better memories.

Getting ready photos of a bride getting ready for her wedding

Getting ready photos of a groom getting ready for the wedding ceremony.

Getting ready photos of the Bride staring out the window after getting dressed for her wedding ceremony.

Outside of the building bride getting ready location

(Photo credit for all photos: Forged in the North)


This week’s tip was brought to you by the artistic husband and wife duo at Forged in the North.  These destination wedding photographers love to travel and they love to shoot weddings.  They tell a couple’s story and capture them just as they are.

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