Wedding Tip: Take Sunrise Photos

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Wedding Tip from the Pros: Consider taking sunrise photos

There are two “magic hours” in a day, the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset.  Sunset is always the favorite, but don’t dismiss sunrises.  Although it’s hard to get out of bed in the morning, the results are totally worth getting up early!  You’ll get the whole place to yourself for photos (because no one else is up!) creating stunning backdrops without having distracting elements in the background.  And if you are doing an engagement shoot and have a busy work schedule, you can take your sunrise photos and still get to work on time.

Engaged couple playing in snow taking sunrise photos for their engagement photo shoot.Engaged couple taking sunrise photos for their engagement photo shoot.


This week’s tip and awesome photos were brought to you by the wonderful folks at Magnified Joy Photography.  They are a traveling husband and wife team that care as much about your marriage as the quality of your photography experience on your wedding day.

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