Ceremony Anticipation

The most exciting (and nerve wracking) point in a wedding is right before the ceremony.  You’re filled with the anticipation of your family and friends arriving and the upcoming nuptials.  You’re thinking about what is going to happen and you’re thinking about the immense feelings of love you have.  You’re anxious and nervous and excited and many times a bit giddy.  This photo captures that moment perfectly as this couple eagerly awaits their ceremony and watches as guests start to arrive.  I remember watching them from afar as they peeked out the window and pointed at one thing or another and giggled in anticipation of what was to come.  Savor those moments, they really are special.

Bride and groom look out the window watching their guests arrive before the wedding ceremony at a vineyard wedding by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: Sherman Chu Photographer)

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