Wedding Wednesdays Q&A: Wedding Ushers

Wedding Wednesdays Q&A by Jamie Chang Destination Wedding Planner of Mango Muse Events

It’s March already, can you believe it?  It’s amazing to me how fast time flies.  We’ve had 8 Wedding Wednesdays this year which means we’ve helped at least 8 couples and that feels great!  We’re excited about helping another couple and today we’re discussing wedding ushers:  I know that traditionally at a wedding, we’re supposed to have ushers for our ceremony to help seat guests.  But, is that really necessary?  I ask because it seems like such a lame job for someone and honestly, don’t people know how to find a seat?

Haha…I love this question.  It makes me laugh because you are so right.  It is a lame job and the equivalent of having someone check people in and give them their seating assignment.  It’s not fun and no one wants to do it.  But, let’s get to answering your question, do you need wedding ushers?  The answer is no, but there are some cases when you could consider it.

You are right that people can find a seat, it’s not difficult.  Wedding ushers used to be there to tell people where to sit if there was a specific side the bride and groom wanted people to sit on.  Nowadays, though, guests usually can sit where ever (it’s even encouraged) and if you are really worried people won’t know what to do, a cute little sign totally solves that problem.

The other role wedding ushers play is in handing out programs.  Now once again, you could have these placed on the chairs or in a basket at the entrance so people can grab one on their own.  So, having someone handle your programs it isn’t totally necessary.

One instance when it’s nice to have wedding ushers is if guests need to be directed somewhere.  Let’s say your ceremony is outdoors in a wooded area, but there isn’t a clear “entrance” or it’s down a hill from the parking lot and guests aren’t sure where to go.  In this instance, it’s nice to have ushers available to help direct guests to the right location.  Signs can also work in this instance if allowed, but having a person greeting people and informing them where to go will make it easier.

Another instance when I think you definitely should have wedding ushers is when you need to tell your guests something that is pertinent to the ceremony.  If you are having a cultural or religious ceremony and there is something the guests need to do or need to not do that they wouldn’t necessarily know, your wedding ushers can inform them about it.  You can and should also mention this in the program, but it’s nice if someone tells you and draws your attention to it.  You don’t want your guests to feel dumb or unsure or embarrassed because they mistakenly did something or didn’t do something.

Wedding ushers handing out wedding programs at a Hawaii destination wedding by destination wedding planner Mango Muse Events

(Photo credit: Christie Pham Photography)

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