Wedding Tip: Custom Wedding Songs

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Wedding Tip from the Pros:  Utilize your DJ’s skills for your custom wedding songs

Need a longer intro? Not in love with that second verse? Need a mash-up for your big first dance number? Your DJ does more than just play songs, they are there to help you with everything music related.  And a good DJ will have fun putting together a custom edit just for you.  So, if you’re struggling because you like a song, but it doesn’t work for some reason, ask your DJ for help!

DJ created custom wedding songs for the dancing portion at a Hawaii destination wedding by Jamie Chang Destination Wedding Planner

(Photo credit: Christie Pham Photography)


This week’s tip was brought to you by the friendly team at ND Mixx Productions.  They’ve been in the DJ business for over 20 years and always make sure the bride and groom come first.  They are low-key, extremely flexible and do everything they can to make sure the couple has the kind of reception they dreamed of and expected.

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