Two Wedding Sales You Can’t Miss

Wedding sales don’t happen that often, so when they do, you have to pounce.  So, today we want to make sure our awesome readers are in the know.  Starting this week, J.Crew is having their annual sale on all things wedding.  So, if you’ve been holding off on buying your wedding dress, or that perfect suit or those blush bridesmaid dresses, now is the time!  The sale runs through March 3rd.

Wedding dress sale at JCrew.

(Photo credit: J.Crew)

In addition, Wedding Paper Divas is doing another deal with Gilt City and offering half off online credit for all their wedding paper goods.  It’s a very sweet deal, just make sure you buy it by February 24th.

Wedding paper divas Gilt City sale.

(Photo credit: Wedding Paper Divas)

Excited?  I thought so.  Don’t miss out on these two awesome wedding sales!

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