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Wedding Wednesdays Q&A by Jamie Chang Destination Wedding Planner of Mango Muse Events

Hello and welcome to a brand spanking new Wedding Wednesdays Q&A!  We know you’re excited, so without further ado, this week we’re talking about the wedding website:  I’ve picked out a wedding website and I’ve put the basic information on there like where and when the wedding is taking place, but what other information is supposed to go on there?  I just want to make sure I’m not forgetting anything.

Great question!  The wedding website is such an important information tool, so you want to make sure you provide your guests with everything they need and then some.   So, here are the musts that you definitely need to have on your wedding website:

1.  Wedding date and time
2.  Wedding ceremony and reception location information – address, website, phone number and a map is nice
3.  Any other events (like the welcome dinner, rehearsal dinner, activities, post wedding brunch, etc…) that will be taking place and their date, time and location information. *Important Note: Make sure you only put the events on the website that EVERYONE is invited to. You don’t want to make people feel bad if they aren’t invited.
4.  Travel information especially for a destination wedding – airports to fly into, hotels (this is where you’d put your room block info or recommended hotels), and transportation options (how to get from the airport, rental car, taxi, etc…)
5.  Wedding registries (if you are registered)
6.  Shuttle information if you are providing shuttles to and from the wedding. Or if your location is tricky to find, provide detailed instructions on how to get to the wedding.
7.  Dress code information (for each of the events)

The below list is the nice to have items or items you can consider adding on to your wedding website:

1.  Wedding party info – names, photos, little tidbits about them
2.  Family info – same as above
3.  Photos of you two and your story
4.  Other info about the destination (especially good for destination weddings) – dining options, things to do, where to shop, weather or other fun tidbits you’d like people to know
5.  RSVP option (if you want electronic RSVPS)
6.  Guestbook (this is to allow people to digitally sign and say hi)
7.  Contact us area – DON’T put your telephone number or email on your website, but some websites do have a form your guests can fill out.
8.  Any other notes you want to share with your guests about the wedding or the location or any special instructions.

If you include all the must-have items, you’ll be good and if you also include the nice to have items, then you’ll be more than good. Just don’t forget to update your wedding website as you get more information or as information changes. Most of your guests will only look at the website when they need some info (like to check the time of the ceremony or the hotel info), so you want to make sure your info is always accurate.

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