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Wedding planning tips by Mango Muse Events
One of our goals this year is to bring you more awesome content, so going forward we’re planning on upping our blog posts from 3 times a week to daily posts Monday-Friday with a sprinkling of weekend posts here and there.  We just have so much to share and hope that it will inspire, amuse, encourage, and excite your life.  And of course, make your wedding planning that much easier.

Our readers love our Wedding Wednesdays Q&As so, we thought we’d add to that idea and share more wedding planning tips and design tips each week.  Each week we’ll share one tip and it will be a short one (i.e. not as long as our Q&A), but a powerful one that will make you learn something new or just say out loud, “That is great!” and of course make you want to share it with all your friends.  We’ll be bringing some pro friends of ours to share some tips with you as well, so look out for that.  Now without further ado, here is our inaugural wedding planning tip from the pros.

Wedding Tip from a Pro:  There are so many ways to customize your wedding invitations, but did you know that you can customize your postage stamp as well?  Yup!  You aren’t stuck with what the US Post Office has, you can design your own or make photo stamps or just pick a whole different pre-made design on sites like Zazzle or Evermine.  Not only do they look great, but they are especially helpful if you need more postage than a forever stamp, which let’s be honest, you probably do.

Custom wedding postage stamps.

(Stamp examples from Evermine)

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