Wedding Wednesdays Q&A: The Wedding Night

Wedding Wednesdays Q&A by Jamie Chang Destination Wedding Planner of Mango Muse Events

Did you realize that there are only 3 more weeks in 2014?  Crazytown.  But, we haven’t forgotten our weekly gift to you, so here we go!  On the 2nd week of Christmas, my true love sent to me…a discussion about the wedding night:  The wedding venue we chose is close to our home, so I’ve been thinking that we’ll get ready at home and return home after the wedding.   I think it will be less of a hassle to just have all our stuff at home and not have to pack, plus it will save us some money.  But, my fiance wants to stay at a hotel.  What do you think we should do?

Oh, this is a tough one.  While all wedding decisions depend on what works for you, this one is even more so because it’s very personal.  Now usually I would say that you two should figure out what you want and then come to a decision, but since it sounds like you are on opposite ends, let me bring in a few more factors for you to consider which will perhaps push you in the same direction.

Now I mentioned that this decision is very personal and it is because it’s your wedding night, the first night you’ll share together as a married couple.  For many couples who live together that doesn’t necessarily mean much, but for those that don’t, it is an extra special night.  But whether or not you live together, it still can be a very romantic night.  That doesn’t mean that it has to be about sex, but it is nice to be together and alone.  If you are having any guests stay at your house, you might want to consider a hotel just to have some alone time.  You can even make it a little mini-moon. However, once again this all just depends on you two and what you want.

Another item to consider are photos.  You mentioned that you were thinking about getting ready at home and coming back home.  But, if you get ready at home, your photos will be different than if you are at a hotel.  Some homes are great visually and have lots of room, maybe even places to take photos before the ceremony.  On the flip side, other homes can be small or dark or cluttered.  You might want to pick a hotel or your house based on what is the better space for you to get ready.

I’m going to guess that you thought about this next one, but I’ll mention it anyway.  If you want to be surprised and see your fiancé for the first time coming down the aisle, you shouldn’t get ready in the same location.  Or if you even want a first look, you don’t want to get ready in the same location.  And if you are going to separate, you ideally should be in the same place and a hotel works great for that.  It lets you get ready in separate rooms, but allows for everyone to be in the same place and for your photographer and videographer to go from one room to the other with ease.  If you don’t care about a first look or the traditional ceremony look, then getting ready together can be really fun.  Again, it just depends on you.

I think the last thing to consider is if your venue is a hotel.  If so, staying there will really make it easy on you.  You can go there to freshen up if needed and at the end of the night you can just go up to your room and relax.  You don’t have to worry about driving, so drinking is no problem.  And getting all your stuff up to your room will be easier than trying to load it up into cars at the end of the night.

I hope that helps you two to make your decision on how you want to spend your wedding night.  And if you find you are still on opposite sides, then it will be a good exercise in compromise.

Hotel room suite at the Las Palmas hotel in Zihuatanejo Mexico

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