The Professional Bridesmaid

As you might have noticed we’ve moved away from the find of the week, not because we didn’t love finding things for you, but like our transition from Pin of the week, we just felt limited by it.  So, instead we’ll just be sharing with you fun, exciting and perhaps even controversial tidbits we come across whether that be fashion or DIY creations or wedding planning goodies or just plain cool stuff.  And it might not always come on Saturdays, but any day of the week, so you’ll be surprised.  We wanted a little more freedom to spread our wings, so now we’re off flying!

On that note, we did come across an interesting article this week about a professional bridesmaid.  Now before you start thinking 27 Dresses, it’s not a gal who has been a bridesmaid for everyone she knows, this is actually a girl who wants to be your bridesmaid for hire to help make your experience better.  What does she do?  She takes on many of the duties of your bridesmaids and either helps to coordinate/organize them or do things for them.  This gal the article was about has worked for both brides and for bridesmaids and just focuses on the personal side of the wedding (i.e. not wedding planning). Interesting huh?

So, what do I think of this?  In all honesty, I do think that a bridesmaid’s duties (and also a bride’s expectations) have increased somewhat over the years and the role definitely requires time, money, energy, creativity and many times travel.  It can be a lot to ask someone to do, so I can see why some brides would hire someone or a bridesmaid would hire someone to take on the responsibility of planning the bachelorette party or going to all the appointments with the bride or finding dresses everyone likes.  It’s like having a personal assistant, but wedding related.

I can see someone wanting that, but at the same time, I have to admit that it makes me a little sad.  A bridesmaid should be a friend, someone you love and who you want by your side, not a person you hire.  You want them to be a part of your wedding because they mean something to you.  And you want them to be there and experience all the personal parts with you because it’s those moments when you want your best friend or your sister or your mom to be with you and help you.   So, I’m on the fence on the idea as I can’t reconcile those two opposing feelings.  But, it is interesting.

Now, I’m curious to know what you think.  Do you think a professional bridesmaid is a good thing or a bad thing?  And if you are curious and want to read the full article, click here.

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