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Scotland has been on my brain recently in more ways than one and is the inspiration for this week’s find of the week.  There was a vote on Thursday over Scotland’s independence from the UK and much speculation on whether it would pass.  It ended up not passing and Scotland remains a part of the UK, however, the idea of it was inspiring.

I’m not Scottish and it’s not my country so I have no say or right to a say whatsoever.  But, being an American, I couldn’t help but rally behind a country that wants it’s freedom.  Isn’t that what the US did? Isn’t that what we stand for?  In part, my feelings also stem from a book series I’ve been reading called Outlander and the associated TV series that just came out (both are awesome by the way).  The story takes place in Scotland in the recent past and the far past where there is a fight for freedom from the English (historically based).  It’s hard for your sympathies not to lie with those that just want to live as they’ve done in their homeland and not be ruled.

Both the books and the current events have gotten me to think about history and where we come from.  Once again, I’m not Scottish, but I have a history as we all do.  We all come from a family, come from a place and the memories of those ancestors shape who we are and the world we live in.  It’s important to remember our culture, both the past and the present and important to honor what makes us who we are.

The age old tradition of weddings is one such area to honor that.  You shouldn’t include something just to do it, but if it means something to you or your family I think it’s nice to make it a part of your celebration.  You are joining two families and as such, you bring yourself individually to come together and become one.  Honoring who you are and where you come from is something special and I encourage you to find inspiration there as you plan your wedding.

Scottish wedding party for a Scotland wedding

Honoring your heritage can take many forms, but one such way is through your attire.  Here is a wedding party dressed in formal Scottish dress, kilts, tartan and all.  Don’t they look lovely?  Both modern and old world and very elegant.

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