Dutch Dahlias

I bet you’re thinking, wow it’s the weekend already?!  Ah, the wonder of short weeks.  They are great, aren’t they?  Since you’re flying high already, why not take a trip to the Netherlands?  On September 7, in the Dutch city of Zundert, the world’s largest flower parade takes place.  This 80 year old tradition features floats all made up of dahlias.  Dahlias!  Yup, those colorful beauties you desire in your wedding flowers are showcased in amazing ways like this tiger family.

Considering doing a destination wedding in the Netherlands in September?  Keep in mind that you might find it hard or expensive to get dahlias (supply and demand people), but other flowers should easy.  On the upside, you’ll get to check out what looks like an awesome parade.

Dutch flower parade - a tiger float made of dutch dahlias.

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