Wedding Wednesdays Q&A: Wedding Cake Ribbon

Wedding Wednesdays Q&A by Jamie Chang Destination Wedding Planner of Mango Muse Events

Hello from sunny LA!  We’re on the road, but had to make sure we answer all your wedding planning questions.  Can’t leave you hanging now can we?  So, let’s get started!  This week we’re talking about wedding cakes:  I think I’ve finally settled on a cake design and it’s one that has a ribbon on the bottom.  I want to be able to pick my own ribbon out (and give it to the baker) so that it matches with everything else I have going on decor wise.  Is there a certain kind of wedding cake ribbon I should be buying?  Or a certain size?  Or does it not matter?

I’m more than happy to help you out, but I do want to make a little disclaimer before I answer.  I am not a cake baker, so this is not my specialty and you should definitely confer with your baker to make sure you are buying something that works with your specific cake.

With that being said, most ribbons will work on your cake.  Generally, brides tend to veer towards satin ribbon or a textured ribbon for their wedding cake ribbon.  I would definitely avoid any sort of wired ribbon as that might cut into the cake. And if you are worried about the ribbon working with your frosting, usually cake bakers have little tricks to back the ribbon which makes sure the icing doesn’t seep through (like say with buttercream frosting).

Now in terms of ribbon size, that really depends on the diameter and height of your cake.  I think generally, though, you want something that works proportionately with the size of your cake and whatever else you have going on design wise.  But, you really can pick kind of anything as long as it looks good to you and works with your design aesthetic.  Once again, I’d suggest you ask your cake designer about the ribbon size and the types to stay way from, but hopefully this gives you some general ideas.

Wedding cake with red satin ribbon at a San Francisco wedding designed by destination wedding planner Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events.

(Photo credit: VAS Photography)

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