70th Birthday Party

While weddings tend to rule most of our world here at Mango Muse Events, other personal celebrations like birthdays are also super important to us.  Birthdays are a big deal because they not only mark a person’s growth but their life as well.  It’s a yearly milestone that says, I’m older and I’ve lived.

My sisters and I recently threw a big 70th birthday party for my mom and it was so nice to honor her.  And while we know our mother well, the best part was getting to learn new things about her, like what she’s proud of or what has made an impact on her life.  It’s amazing to see what she’s done and how many people’s lives she’s touched and also how many others have influenced her as well.  We are constantly growing and although getting older can be scary, I think as individuals, we only get better with age.  Happy Birthday to my mom!

Destination wedding planner, Jamie Chang of Mango Muse Events celebrating at her mother's 70th birthday party

(Photo credit: Andrew Satanapong)

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