Domaine Somm, A Calistoga Venue

We’ve had the pleasure of being introduced to a few new and cool wedding venues recently and one such venue is Domaine Somm.  It’s located in Calistoga right off the main street in the little downtown area.  And while the location is great and the venue itself is nicely renovated (and able to work with practically any design), the best part are the extras.

The awesome gals who run Domaine Somm not only rent the space (which includes the cool furniture by the way), but they also can create unique wine experiences.  They can do everything from special tastings to wine pairings and fun activities to suit your group and it’s all customizable which as you know, is totally my cup of tea.  It would be a great space for a wedding, rehearsal dinner or a fun destination wedding activity.  They even offer event planning services as well if you need them.  I’m calling it a venue plus because they offer more than just the event space.  Check out some of the photos I took.

Domain Somm, an event space in Calistoga.

Domaine Somm, an event space in Calistoga.

Pretty cool huh?  I really liked the space when I check it out and I think it could be really great for special destination wedding event.  So, if you’re thinking of Calistoga for your destination wedding, check it out!  And you know who to call if you need a destination wedding planner.

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