Las Vegas Ferris Wheel Wedding

Happy weekend to you all!  Las Vegas has been on my mind recently with my trip coming up and an exceptionally funny episode of Modern Family that I just watched.  And recently I came across a super interesting and awesome idea, a Ferris wheel wedding!

Only in a place like Las Vegas could you get married in a huge Ferris wheel that rises to 550 ft. off the ground.  The aptly named, High Roller is like the London Eye with little pods that have 360-degree views and can hold up to 40 people.  It’s totally not for everyone, but still pretty cool.  Imagine getting married in a pod with your closest friends and family while you view the strip.  I think it’s pretty awesome for any serious Las Vegas lovers.  You’ll be a pair of high rollers, at your Ferris wheel wedding.

Ferris Wheel Wedding at the High Roller in Las Vegas.
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