Bamboo Dishes for a Summer Party

Thank goodness it’s the weekend and extra happiness for 3 day weekends!  Memorial day weekend kicks off the summer and what does the start of summer mean?  It means warm days and nights and lots of opportunity for outdoor gatherings, parties, and picnics.  Now, many of these fun outdoor meals involve disposables which usually don’t look that great nor are they that good for the environment, but lo and behold, I have a solution for you!  It’s a reusable and biodegradable line of bamboo dishes that are cute, colorful and eco-friendly.  You can buy it from many online retailers like Terrain and it’s super cute.  So, you really can have it all!  You can be stylish, green and enjoy your alfresco meal too.

Biodegradable bamboo dishes for al fresco dining at an outdoor party.

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