WARNING! Beware Wedding Inspiration Overstimulation

Our wedding season has officially started and while we’re off celebrating a wonderful couple, today we’ve got a warning for all you engaged couples planning your wedding.  There is such a thing as wedding inspiration overstimulation.  Or another way to call it is going Pinterest crazy.

Ever since the beginning of wedding blogs, the visual media on weddings has just grown tremendously.  And now with Pinterest, brides can go nuts with image after image.  Now, while I’m all for inspiration (and Pinterest is great) and I love  how much wedding inspiration is out there, the problem couples run into is that you end up either liking everything or just doing something because it looks nice.  You can easily pick things that don’t mean anything to you.  And sadly a lot of what you see on blogs and Pinterest are styled shoots which aren’t even real.  The goal of a styled shoot is to get on a blog and just have pretty shots with no substance.  You want a wedding with substance!

So, as you troll the internet, just be careful and don’t get wedding inspiration overstimulation.  Set a time limit for looking at images.  You can get inspired by photos, but don’t copy or do something just because. Do something because it means something to you!  Now go forth and create your wedding!

Wedding inspiration overstimulation from Pinterest

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