Destination Wedding Venue Castelnau Des Fieumarcon

We always love to travel here at Mango Muse Events, but every now and again we get bitten hard by the travel bug.  We’ve been particularly itching to explore this week and as such, our find of the week is travel related.   Now close your eyes and imagine the French countryside.  Enjoying the sun, the breeze the gardens and the food.  Having the entire grounds of a private medieval village all to yourselves.  Now imagine your wedding there.  Kind of amazing, right?

We got introduced recently to this awesome wedding venue in France that we wanted to share.  Castelnau Des Fieumarcon is a private fortified settlement that was built in the 13th century.  It’s located in the South West of France and can house up to 67 people which means that you could have your whole wedding group stay there and have the entire space all for yourselves!  Imagine the possibilities for destination wedding activities, dinners and the space to hang out and enjoy each other’s company in a beautiful place.  Now that is a destination wedding experience.

France destination wedding venue Castelnau des Fieumarcon

You can check out this awesome destination wedding venue here.

Is France calling you?  We can help you plan a destination wedding to remember.  Contact us today.

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