2014 Bouquets to Art

The Bouquets to Art exhibit happens every year and although I’ve only gone the last few years, it’s always so much fun.  Both the art on the walls and the living art is so inspiring.  There is so much to see and enjoy, but I’ve picked some of my favorites from this year’s show to inspire you.  It was so busy, so please excuse my shots as they aren’t perfect.  I tried to get both the art piece and the floral piece in the same shot so you can see the artist’s inspiration as well.  Hopefully, you can enjoy the feeling of the pieces as they really were amazing. So, without further ado, here are my favorite pieces from the 2014 Bouquets to Art exhibit.

This was a  huge whirlpool structure in the main lobby area.  It was so impressive and mesmerizing.

Bouquets to art branch and flower whirlpool structure.

This is another shot of the structure, but from beneath it looking up.

Bouquets to art branch and flower whirlpool structure.

This was well balanced, interesting texturally and was such a nice interpretation of the piece.

2014 Bouquets to Art Portrait interpretation.

This one didn’t come out as well in the photo, but it had so much motion, just like it’s counterpart.

2014 Bouquet to Art Flower and branch interpretation of fine art painting.

This one was constructed but had such a natural feel like something you really could find on a cliff with a rainbow.

2014 Bouquets to Art Rainbow flower interpretation.

It’s hard to tell from this photo, but the art piece is peanut butter and jelly and I just thought this interpretation was equally whimsical and fun.

2014 Bouquets to Art flower structure of painting.

This one was all about shape.  Just beautiful shapes and flow.

2014 Bouquets to Art pink roses and branch interpretation of nude painting.

It’s hard to do sexy with flowers, but this was so sensual and fiery.

2014 Bouquet to Art red floral lips.

And my favorite of the show was this Kabuki-inspired piece.  The photo doesn’t do it justice at all, but the movement and detail of this piece was just breathtaking.

2014 Bouquets to Art Floral Kabuki painting interpretation.

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