Inspiration from the Olympics

I don’t know about you, but I love the Olympics.  I get excited every night watching these athletes at the top of their sport do these amazing feats.  It is both amazing to watch, but also so inspiring.  It’s awesome to see people succeed after all the hard work, but it’s not just the winners who inspire.

Like many others, I enjoy watching the women’s skating competition and while the winners had some great performances, the one that really stuck out to me was Mao Asada from Japan.  She had a bad skate in the short program on the first night and was basically out of the running.  She could have been angry, she could had moped, but what did she do?  She went out onto the ice the following night knowing she couldn’t win and skated the sh*t out of it (pardon my french).

She was strong, artistic and full of heart.  She looked beautiful in so many ways and was my favorite by far.  She didn’t win, but she showed tremendous strength and I think that says so much.  Our find of the week is usually a thing or a place, but this time, it’s a person.  A person that I think is inspiring.  We don’t always win.  We stumble.  We fall.  We fail.  But, it’s how you deal with it afterwards that matters.  Giving it everything you’ve got no matter what.

Mao Asada skating on the ice at the 2014 Winter Olympics

Mao in motion.  On a fashion side note, she also looked amazing.  Her outfit was striking, had nice movement and great design.

Mao Asada at the 2014 Winter Olympics

I’m a fan of Mao and I think she did amazing.   She was a winner to me on all fronts and her teary wave at the end had me in tears too.  It was happiness and sadness mixed together, but her found strength is what shined through.  So, what do the Olympics have to do with weddings?  Nothing much, but finding strength when you are down is something we all need from time to time.

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